Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Do you know something I truly dislike ? besides flies  and not enough cake of course ... I dislike being manipulated and guilt tripped I have enough of a complex feeling that I do not do enough and for some reason there is the belief that there is a reasonable amount of guilt that the world is not as it should be or well things that happen with my people my friends my family things that I wish i could help with I have enough anger about not being able to change these things ( which are as simple as somebody going to bed hungry because they were too tired to go grocery shopping or someone not being able to see their kids because their ex he/she is an arse) so attempts to manipulate me using God religion and good will is very very very not nice especially since i have pretty much done everything for everyone my entire life. and luring me with positions money and fancy cars of course with fancy residence too is not a good idea anybody that knows me well enough knows i mostly use all those for others more than for myself so I am a bit confused i suppose.

On to something else! I made cookies real live cookies like those ones on tv or cook books! yes they were not chewy yes i burnt one of the batches however!! they all tasted cookie like! they not only looked like cookies but they TASTED!!!amazing and amazingly like cookies! i am so proud of myself you can start making requests that is how proud , granted they will not get to you because of course one has to taste a cookie from each batch to make sure it tastes good and well then one thing will lead to the other and they will move to my intestines but no bother it is the thought that matters!

I am back in Egypt and not particularly liking it did i mention I went to see my friend who was in Minnesota again ?she is such a sweet girl and her entire family came to say hello to me in fact her father called me a "loyal friend " maybe ill have fun during July - August who knows , I got an update picture of Jack and Sophie who are now named lola and something else they are getting big and look clean and well here look for yourself!
I would say getting big but right now it looks like they are getting tall instead

I am feeling weird for the last 2 weeks it is as if i am slowly detaching from everyone and closing in on myself if that makes self I truly have no desire to talk to anyone and the one person I wish to talk to well my pride got involved about a week ago and you know the rest of the story she has enough on her plate and probably would not talk to me anyway so its ok , my pharmacist friend notified me that all the medication i am on ( that is a bit dramatic they are only 3 ) are all addictive yay me im being made addicted to anti psychotic drugs that do not even work on me that only give the side effects! I am going to examine Sullivan and Gilbert later on tonight try to get to know them they are the lesions ( did i say that right?) in my pituitary assuming I can tell what is what .

I found an old pair of jeans that is a bit big for me and decided to cut it in to shorts, needless to say that is currently my favorite item of clothing .

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