Sunday, 13 May 2012

Today Today Today...

Today has been a loooong day tomorrow will also be a looooong day due to the delays that happened today which will occur tomorrow  of course, and of course this does not make me happy because 3 days of screwed plans gives me a frownie face.

Out of frustration I made cookies that actually looked like real cookies I impresse dmyself infact I impressed myself so much I burnt a batch of them ( which were still eaten ).

Today is Mother's day again and all I can think of due to a technical difficulty I am facing that is also causing me a 48 hour delay that I strongly dislike , so all i can think of is mother's get 2 days there are 2 mother's days

I have a lot more to say on the Subject of mother's day and mothers but I will wait till Tuesday or so to do that so Thank you for your patience and have a Happy mother's day even if you are a father or an uncle or a step parent or godparent!

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