Monday, 7 April 2014


I have so much on mind that I do not even know how to put my thoughts in to writing , mind you I have been trying since Saturday ,so I am just going to write about a couple of things maybe

E is for entitlement , over the last few weeks I've realized that our governments truly seem to lack any aspect of humanity, it is all a game to them, when we talk about death tolls, or sick people tolls, or number of people on disability allowance, or unemployment/job seeker allowance, it is all really just numbers to them. It seems to me that numbers of people for this that or the other for governments is just the same as the number of people you kill whilst playing Plague or Call of duty , a fictional number with no real consequence, rather than each number actually being a human being that counts.
A human being that is entitled to a roof over their head, entitled to clean fresh water, to food, to medical care, to freedom of choice, to safety , are these not all basic entitlements?

I guess I can understand where governments get the power from though, I mean it is lying around and people are too afraid or at times not smart enough to do anything with it , so governments are lead to believe that heyyy lets make sheep out of the people they won't know the difference, the sad thing is it is a bit true , why are people too afraid to stand up and say hey this is wrong, I pay taxes , I work I am entitled to this and that you don't get to take it ? a politician is no better than a business owner or an employee in my opinion .

Perhaps it would be better to not really go in to politics and may be talk about energy ? emptiness?
I have a better idea , E is really for Everything is going to be ok :) because it will be.


  1. Yeah, politics is just not a good idea on any social media. Twitter maybe. Just not a blog or Facebook. So hey hey hey to everything is going to be okay!!!

  2. Every empire, once it has 'gotten to big for it's britches' crumbles. American government is nothing but corruption. I do agree with you that we are all nothing to them, we are their live stock that they trade and sell off for their amusement... depressing, but it is a reality.
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