Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Beauty and the Beast

So this is a partial re-post because I like this post or what it was , and the post from yesterday simply sucked, however it has been brought to my attention that A=one , which is logical if you think about it , so I figured today's post will include aspects of the one , I am sure you know exactly what I mean.
It is also super long so my apologies ! and for some it may trigger a gag emotion especially those that do not know me to be a sappy emotional person so my apologies again ! I will try to split it up and make some sort of point at some point . 

Now there is no reason to deny that this post is most likely a cliche  however in a world full of darkness it is my duty to try and remind anyone and everyone that the light is within us and it can be seen anywhere.......I am the beast and I shall now ramble on about Beauty from my own perspective :)

When you look in to a woman's eyes and see her lips slowly curl in to a smile that for a moment makes your heart stop beating and you are lost in the moment somewhere within the fabrics of space and time, and you find yourself mesmerized, whilst at the same time you realistically know that those may not be most beautiful eyes you have ever seen nor the prettiest smile out there but you still see the universe and its contents when you look at her, you feel just a little bit more at peace with the world at her presence, and you simply feel at home knowing that she exists in your life, even when you just think of her she triggers something within you you may have thought long dead. When you want to tell her what you see in her but literally fail as there is no vocabulary existent in any language to describe even a fraction of the beauty you see, and so decide to express it in acts rather than words and find it is not humanly possible to fathom the emotions in human terms to manage to find away to make them even slightly evident to the naked eye/heart/ears ( feel free to pick which sense you would use to perceive the emotion).

 When you know that you would and literally start walking through hell for the mere possibility of a chance to make that smile reoccur on her face, to hear that innocent or maybe slightly smirky giggle, when you are enchanted by her voice, not because it sounds a particular way , but you somehow can feel the beauty resonate in it ...... then my friend( or acquaintance i wont get technical ) you should know that you have found not somebody beautiful but someone  who is the essence of beauty, and there is a very large chance that you may very well be in love with this Beautiful person that you can see the wonders of the world in.

Such people are so rare and so far in between in someone's life if you are blessed, you will meet them when you need it the most,and you will know that you will fight the heavens and earth to keep them, because they are not only beautiful and one of the main sources of beautiful things/emotions/art/music/FOOD!....... They have the unique ability to wipe the fogginess  of your eyes and allow you to see every little unappreciated beautiful thing in existence, like how that person at the store says have a nice day to you in particular because they mean it not because it is protocol, the smell of freshly baked cookies sneaking out of the oven, your friend  reminding you that although you are a failure you are still an air guitar legend to at least someone,when any baby or child smiles at you or a stranger dog walks up to you wagging its tail , the first time it snows that year, light sneaking down on you from under a big tree whilst the cool breeze brushes through your hair, the beach water trying to climb just a lil bit higher up your leg as you stand there admiring the movement of the water.

Always the little things that can show us the true meaning of beauty  inspire us and show us how blessed we really are.

I know that all sounds sappy and stuff, but in my defense it was written with my beloved partner in mind, so truly what did you expect? :) here is the thing though sappyness aside , Beauty has little to do with facial features, body size, skin/eye/hair colours . It is in my professional and unprofessional opinion that beauty is from within , your attitude towards things, kindness, open heartedness ( i don't think that is a word but it is now!) small things within your own person that pretty much radiate the beauty out of you ,reflecting even on your outer appearance. You will meet people, strangers in fact that will stun you with their beauty in a way that will truly shock you, again I speak not of looks , if you meet people like that ( they are quite rare) do not let them out of your life and befriend them!

Oh and when you find that lil bit of beauty in your day take it with you and share it,  if you are as lucky and fortunate as I have found myself you will also fall for one and if you are even luckier! she/he will fall for you too :)to be safe though  install a trap to keep them in your life forever Wiley coyote can be an inspiration in such cases.

everything has beauty within it not just people, so don't forget to keep  your eyes open.

If you are reading this and truly get it,  then I take pride in telling you that YOU are beautiful and I feel privileged to know you

oh btw B is also for brownies that I need to learn to make since I foolishly thought they were just chocolate cake without frosting...

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  1. Great posts. I feel that beauty is always from within and not without. I find people alot more attractive by their heart and not their looks. I think I get your post, thanks for sharing! : )


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