Tuesday, 1 April 2014


April is here already ! I had completely forgotten about the challenge until a couple of weeks ago , though I've been trying to get myself back in to the habit of blogging for the last few months I did not muster up the mental energy to do it as you can see.

So I've been as always searching for the perfect word for today and of course I can either not find  a suitable word or there are too many words and I can not choose the perfect one, then it dawned on me that since I am easing my brain back in to this blogging business why not take it easy ?

A is not just a letter it is the first letter, it is the first one we use when alphabetically making a list , it is the first letter of the alphabet as I am sure you have noticed at a very early age, it is pretty much the first letter in many languages even those without Latin origins . I have realized that to me it somehow represents beginnings , or new beginnings to be accurate . So hopefully the aim is in light of this recent change in my life and the beginning it brings with it , I will attempt to make this entire month positive !

A is for an awesome april full of amazing things to come, it is also for many things such as
me being Astonished at how different life was , is and will be in the space of one year,I am rather amazed with the wonderful people I currently have in my life , and how much I have changed , but that is a conversation for another day .

Don't forget to play a prank on someone today !


  1. Welcome Anthony to A to Z! And I could use a river of new beginnings these days. So glad I stopped by to learn more about the letter A.

  2. April is awsome. It's the time of the spring-winter, when the light comes back to the north and the skiing is best >:)

    Cold As Heaven


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