Friday, 15 June 2012

Sooooo I think I need to start blogging again, more positive crazy silly stuff would be a good idea, I'm thinking for July I am going to try and find something inspiring per day to write about or something happyish?if you have any other ideas do please let me know!

I get out of this hell hole next week YAY!! despite all the extra tedious shit I have had to deal with the last few weeks I think I have to admit I have a decent amount of Joy and good friends in my life so I am grateful, but for some reason for the last couple of weeks I have been emotionally numb and today the last crack of emotions have been sealed because frankly being the nice guy isn't working any more but no bother!

I am finding my passion for music again sooo I am practicing it would be awesome if you could suggest some songs for me to practice ... because it is well known that you guys are pretty awesometastic.

I am not on facebook so if you message my facebook and don't get a reply then sorry , you are not being ignored  ,facebook and me are just on a break right now but if you have my facebook then you  know other methods of communicating with me which you could go for it.

Once upon a time is AMAZING and I fully plan on abducting Regina before she get's her magic back just thought I would throw that out to the universe.

Have a good day!

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