Sunday, 17 June 2012

I should be sad but I am not, working out at 10:30 lifts the spirits and I had a nice talk with Joy and Marie that set my head straight somewhat so at least I have some direction now and not sulking or moping.

Something soooo wrong is happening.... I am enjoying the workouts! now it may have something slightly to do with my trainer not knowing just how tight her clothes are ( i think she knows ) oh don't judge me i'm a man! but I do feel more pumped after working out so I will need to find a gym next week as soon as I leave this forsaken land .

I talked to Grant today for the first time who is a friend of a friend that needed some cheering up and I think i just made a new guy friend yay! I need more guy friends they create a balance somewhat, and I need to stay away from women a lil bit whilst I get back on my feet.

Now would anyone mind if I talked about absolute nonsense in My blog ? no? awesome didn't think you would mind, i need to get back in to the habit of blogging everyday because i am required to email somebody every day ( work not pleasure) for a while ... guess its karma as it is something i would ask somebody to do too ..

Have a good day !

Over and out

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