Sunday, 17 June 2012

Father's day

I was told that when I was born I didn't open my eyes until I was in my father's arms , The first person to whisper in my ear was my father, My first word was some variation of Dad if I am not mistaken and I would not be surprised if the first steps I took were towards my father.

I remember my father singing me to sleep in Italian as a child also singing songs that are probably of his own making, My first horse ride was my father's knee that always put a smile on my face , whenever i got a scar  or scraped my knee arm ankle leg wrist you get the gist of it and like any other child would resist cologne he would sit me down and calm me down ever so gently and put the cologne on whilst blowing on it at the same time so it doesn't hurt at all and of course it never did hurt.

I remember once a wardrobe fell on me and I was stuck under it it wasn't particularly big but i kinda was little although it was my mother that saved me from it , my father comforted me and we sat watching football, he introduced me to football I remember watching the world cup with him as a child and of course Imitating any goofy dance any Brazilian would do when they score or anything silly really .

My father taught me to be kind he taught me that it wasn't weakness , he taught me that strength isn't in raising your voice or showcasing your muscle's, he taught me the importance of education and of using your brain , he has shown me how intelligence is both a blessing and a curse, also the importance of at least trying to clean up after my self.

I think my love for animals especially Dogs and to be exact black coat German shepherds comes from my father, as does my love for classic music even though he makes fun of me nowadays saying i talk like Sinatra!( I don't honest I dont!)

He was my first best friend the first person I trusted and the only person I can not even fathom the idea of not having in my life .

Ever since I was a lil kid my dad was the person I wanted to be when I grew up ,and even now when I am all grown up and I know most his flaws and realize there is a lot of editing for me to do i know that  if I am ever in the situation to be a step father I hope i can be even half the dad he is.

Happy Father's day to all you real dad's out there 

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